• MySQL Server version: 5.6.25 Source distribution
  • PHP 5.5.27 (cli) (built: Jul 23 2015 00:21:59)
  • Zend Engine v2.5.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2015 Zend Technologies
  • Server version: Apache/2.2.31 (Unix)
  • MacPorts base version 2.3.3 => 2.3.4


% sudo port selfupdate
% sudo port upgrade outdated

--->  Installing mysql56 @5.6.27_0
The mysql56 client has been installed.
To install the mysql56 server, install the mysql56-server port.
--->  Cleaning mysql56
--->  Computing dependencies for mysql56
--->  Deactivating mysql56 @5.6.25_1
--->  Cleaning mysql56
--->  Activating mysql56 @5.6.27_0

On activation if no /opt/local/etc/mysql56/my.cnf file exists one
will be created which loads

If a /opt/local/etc/mysql56/my.cnf file exists MacPorts does not
touch it and any changes you make to /opt/local/etc/mysql56/my.cnf
will be preserved (e.g., during port upgrades, deactivations or
activations). /opt/local/etc/mysql56/my.cnf is a good place to
customize your mysql56 installation.

Any changes made to /opt/local/etc/mysql56/macports-default.cnf
will be lost during port upgrades, deactivations or activations so you
are advised to not make changes here. Currently
/opt/local/etc/mysql56/macports-default.cnf contains only one
directive; to disable networking. With disabled networking it is
possible to install and have running all the MacPorts mysql ports

--->  Activating mysql56-server @5.6.27_0

If this is a new install you might want to run:

$ sudo -u _mysql /opt/local/lib/mysql56/bin/mysql_install_db

--->  Activating php55 @5.5.30_0+libedit

To customize php55, copy /opt/local/etc/php55/php.ini-development (if this is a development server) or /opt/local/etc/php55/php.ini-production (if this is a production server) to /opt/local/etc/php55/php.ini and then make

--->  Staging php55-apache2handler into destroot
Warning: php55-apache2handler installs files outside the common directory structure.

--->  Activating php55-apache2handler @5.5.30_0

If this is your first install, you need to enable php55-apache2handler in your web server.

To enable php55-apache2handler, run:

    cd /opt/local/apache2/modules
    sudo /opt/local/apache2/bin/apxs -a -e -n php5

--->  Activating php55-mysql @5.5.30_0+mysqlnd

To use mysqlnd with a local MySQL server, edit /opt/local/etc/php55/php.ini and set mysql.default_socket, mysqli.default_socket and pdo_mysql.default_socket to the path to your MySQL server's socket file.

For mysql5, use /opt/local/var/run/mysql5/mysqld.sock
For mysql51, use /opt/local/var/run/mysql51/mysqld.sock
For mysql55, use /opt/local/var/run/mysql55/mysqld.sock
For mysql56, use /opt/local/var/run/mysql56/mysqld.sock
For mariadb, use /opt/local/var/run/mariadb/mysqld.sock
For percona, use /opt/local/var/run/percona/mysqld.sock

% sudo port -uf uninstall